"Each night, cellist Russick Smith waded out onto a tiny island in the middle of the Blue River, sat atop the single chair and played the cello. A light show behind him lit up the trees and a cabin, while light in front of him changed the colors of the island and the chair. It was eye candy and ear candy, and everyone experienced it as if they were in a trance."” - Corinne Anderson

303 Magazine


Russick Smith is on a mission to fight Cynicism with wonder

Wielding a life of uncommon experiences, from the mast of a ship in stormy seas to the blade of a snow plow in a midnight blizzard, Smith’s music is steeped in the emotional remnants of his motley, spirited adventures.

His penchant for pop-up performances in natural environments has been hailed by Governor Jared Polis as "uniquely Colorado" wile the Denver Post called his lofty, tree-based concerts a "don't-miss promise."

With formal education in cello and electric bass, Smith's musical foundation bridges contemporary and classical music. Over the course of his career his instrumental palette has grown to additionally include mandolin, banjo, concertina, double bass, guitar, and other various keyed and string instruments. In 2020, he released his first solo album of original 'campfire classical' compositions, mixed by Grammy-winning engineer Justin Guip, called "Who Chases Two Jackrabbits" on which Smith plays all of the instruments.


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