The Archive of Unfinished Recordings

is a collection of projects that have been started and never finished.

Accordingly, they are probably unmixed, maybe out of time, might only have one or two parts, end abruptly, etc. This could be for any number of the following reasons: [two_column]
  • Distraction
  • Loss of Interest
  • Forgotten
  • Interrupted
  • Asteroid Strike
[/two_column] [two_column_last]
  • Frustration
  • Writers Block
  • Dinosaur Attack
  • Nuclear War and Consequent Winter
  • etc.
[/two_column_last] However, there are some good ideas that should see the light of day even if they might never be part of a complete thought.

There are also some bad apples that shouldn't see the light of day but ended up in here anyhow.

Either way,

this is where they are now.

They may get finished eventually.

Then again, they may not.